I was a huge fan of Friends. I’m the mug that was buying the DVD’s back when they were £20 for 3 episodes.

Well it seems that Apple now want a bite of that cherry with the launch of series 1, 2 and 3 of Friends on iTunes. At £1.89 per episode it’s easy to think that you’re getting value for money, but at £28.99 per series we really are being shafted.

Right now at tesco.com your can pick up EVERY series of Friends (1 – 10) on DVD for £183.59. The equivalent on iTunes will set you back a whopping £289.90. That’s over £100 more expensive. What the fuck is that about?

This brings me on to Apple TV. A set top box that sets you back £200 and sits under your TV. It connects via Wi_fi to iTunes on your computer, allowing you to watch the iTunes TV shows on your telly. I got quite excited about Apple TV, I even considered getting one next week as a birthday present to myself, but the shows are just too expensive.

Right now in the USA, you can rent the latest movies via iTunes for $2.99. But if Apple’s current Euro/UK pricing strategy is anything to go by, we can expect to pay at least £5 per movie rental in the UK. Apple can kiss my arse if they think I’m gonna be suckered in to paying that kind of money.

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Check out Friends on iTunes

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