Bit pissed off to be honest. Yeah I know I should probably have pre-ordered an iPod Touch, but here in the UK, we’re a 24 hour shopping society now. Aren’t we? Well we may be, but it seems that Apple are struggling to get the iPod Touch out of their warehouse and in to the stores.

High Street shops and online retailers have no idea when they’ll be getting the iPod Touch. I’ve spoken with numerous online retailers and High St stores, only to be told that "they have no idea when they’re getting any [iPod Touch] in".

Tesco Direct have removed pre-ordering from their iPod Touch page. The Apple Stores around the UK also have told me that "we have no idea what’s coming in, until it gets here".

I spoke with the Apple Online Store, and while he would be happy to take my order he couldn’t give me a delivery date.

Poor show all round really. I’m guessing the iPhone UK release will be slightly better co-ordinated. You can only get it from Apple, O2 and The Car Phone Warehouse. Shouldn’t be able to screw that up surely?

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