(UPDATED : 22nd Feb – The Best Casual Game for the iPod Touch / iPhone)

Since Christmas, the most popular pages on doipod.com are those about iPod Touch games. You have to help me out here because I’m simply not getting it.

There are two types of games for the iPod Touch. Those that you install once you’ve hacked your iPod Touch and those that you play in the Safari internet browser via your wireless connection.

I’ve mentioned in previous articles that I tried hacking my iPod Touch last year. It didn’t go well, and I’ve not bothered trying it again. The bottom line is that once you have hacked your iPod Touch, you can download and install applications that are stored on your iPod Touch and accessed using a new icon on the screen.

Now I imagine that if these games are well developed, they present the best way to play games on your iPod Touch. Perhaps you have done this and can let me know how you got on?

The reason that I think that installed games are best, is that the alternative of playing games via the Safari web browser is simply an entirely shit experience.

With your iPod Touch connected to the internet via a Wireless connection, you start up the Safari browser and type in the URL to the web page that has the game on it. Hang on! So in fact these are just web based games that have been optimised for the iPod Touch screen size? Yes.

These web based games really are rubbish. A good example of a game that simply doesn’t deliver is ‘3 Point Basketball’ at http://mynumo.com/iphone/basketball/index.htm – CLICK HERE to give it a go right now on your computer.

Did you give it a go? How shit was that?

Believe it or not, that is considered one of the best iPod Touch games available. ‘kin nuts!

Another big flaw with the online games is that you can only play them while your iPod Touch is connected to the internet via a Wireless connection. When would you play them? Via your wireless connection at home while you’re sat next to your computer, Xbox or PS3? That would have to be one hell of game.

Certainly not on a journey to work, school or university. You’d never maintain a roaming wireless connection.

So other than playing them at work, school or uni, I’m completely stumped. I guess sat in a wireless hotzone in a coffee shop is another location.

Nah. I’m not still not getting it.

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