Thanks to a comment in the iPhone User group on FriendFeed, I just realised why the iPhone TypePad App is getting a bit of a battering in the reviews and ratings section on the iTunes App Store.

It’s simply an issue of communication and managing customer expectations.

First off, I gave the iPhone TypePad App a 5 star rating and review because it’s really very good, but that’s only because I’m already a user of the TypePad Professional Blogging Platform. I have 5 Pro accounts with TypePad.

The problem, and cause of the bad ratings and reviews that the iPhone TypePad App is receiving, is that in the iTunes App Store it’s not made at all clear that it’s JUST the TypePad App that’s free, and not a TypePad blog account. Oops!

iPhone users are downloading it, thinking that they’re getting a free blog account.

So the customer expectation is set high, and they’re really disappointed when they discover they need a TypePad account, which costs money.

The fix is simple. Just a couple of changes are required to the TypePad App Page in iTunes.

1. In the ‘REQUIREMENTS’ list, add that a ‘TypePad Account is Required’.

2. In the main ‘APPLICATION DESCRIPTION’, change it so that it reads “TypePad Blog account holders can update your blog and share photos…”

The latter is most important, because it’s also shown in the Wireless iTunes App Store that iPhone and iPod Touch users can access from their device.

So, there you go TypePad. Clear up the fact that it’s only the iPhone App that’s free and your rating will in the iTunes App Store will justly improve.

… and you’re more than welcome to give me an account credit for giving you the heads up 🙂

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