Pennies Expenses Tracker iPhone AppI just wanted to give to give a ‘shout out’ to for for their Expenses Tracking iPhone App (also works on iPod Touch) called ‘Pennies’.

I’d never actually rely on my iPhone to tell me how much money I’ve spent, or have available to spend (Mrs already has the monopoly on that!). In fact I’ll never use the app, but I bought it anyway.

I bought it because they had taken the time to change the currency symbol for us iPhone users in the UK.

So often an iPhone app developed for the USA market is just dumped into the UK iTunes App Store ‘as is’, with out any consideration for the fact that things are ever-so slightly different here in the UK.

The Pennies iPhone App costs $2.99 in the USA iTunes App Store, and £1.79 in the UK iTunes Apps Store. Sure, they’re making a few extra pennies out of us on the currency exchange rate, but at least they are talking our language.

If I had to find one criticism, it’s the fact that the app icon on my homescreen uses a $ symbol instead of a £ symbol, but to be honest I probably shouldn’t have bothered mentioning it.

The App is well worth the money, if you rely on your iPhone to keep track of your monthly expenditure. It has a very simple interface that doesn’t do the excellent functionality that your get from it any justice.

Your can check out the app in the iTunes Apps Store by clicking here, or read more about it

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