Woo Hoo! Movies have at last been made available on iTunes in the UK. Depending on the age of the movie, they are available are available for rent and/or purchase.

Pricing as usual is a bit over the top, but here’s how it plays out…

Older movies (example Police Academy 5) are £2.49 to rent and £6.99 to buy.

Newer movies (example Jumper) are £3.49 to rent and £10.99 to buy.

– Not ALL of the movies are available for rent. It depends on the agreement that Apple has knocked up with the studio’s.
– A movie takes up about 1gig of memory on your PC/MAC and Video iPod, iPod Touch and iPhone.
– Check with your Broadband supplier to see how much data you can download each month. You could end up with additional data charges.