Bigad A new iPhone webapp previewing the very latest Movie Trailers has been launched for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

First off, the movie trailers have all been optimized for viewing on the iPhone and iPod Touch. This makes a big difference to users of the iPhone that are using the EDGE connection, though I’m sure the quality is better for iPhone users over a Wi-Fi connection. Bottom line is that sites detects your device and typr of connection, then serves up the best version of the trailer.

Second, the upcoming movies are excellent. Nothing to with the site really, as the movie studios are responsible for the quality of the actual movie 🙂

I highly recommend you check out the trailer for Iron Man, and incredible looking super hero action movie and WALL.E, the new Pixar animation that looks set to have adult and kids rolling up with laughter.

You’ll find them in the ‘Action/Adventure‘ and ‘Family‘ Categories respectively.

You can check out all of the latest movie trailers at The site is best viewed using your iPhone or iPod Touch.