iTunes Music Chart iPhone & iPod Touch Webapp…

It's been 6 days since my last post, but I've been busy working on a some iTunes Music webapps and sites. Following some user feedback that I received back in August, I've finally got round to updating my iTunes Top 100 Webapp for iPhone and iPod Touch at

In an iPhone and iPod Touch optimized format, it used to list just the Top 100 iTunes songs, but apparently there are a whole bunch of readers that were missing out because the iTunes Chart was almost entirely made up from Pop songs.

So now it features…

iTunes Top 100
Alternative Music Chart
Blues Chart
Children's Chart
Classical Chart
Country Chart
Dance Chart
Easy Listening Chart
Electronic Chart
Folk Chart
Hip Hip & Rap Chart
Jazz Chart
Latin Chart
Reggae Chart
RnB & Soul Chart
Rock Chart
Soundtracks Chart

Cool, but I didn't stop there. A few people suggested that I offer them up as RSS feeds for use in the various RSS readers. Check out: