Back in October 2007 I posted an article regarding Scams aimed at iPod users. I thought I’d take a little time to warn of the iPhone scams that have cropped up (and iPod Touch Scams) . Particularly with for all the new 3G iPhone owners.

iPhone Scams

So you get yourself an iPhone, and naturally you’ll want to pimp it out with all the latest videos, movies, games, music and any other iPhone goodies you can get your hands on.

While there may be a few legitimate 3rd party iPhone content sites out there, I’ve never actually come across one. However, there’s a shit load of unscrupulous web marketeers that’ll do anything to cash in on the iPhone hype by offering you "1000’s of DVD films, Videos, Games and Music" for your swanky new iPhone.

So what’s the offer?

This taken from an offending site…

Download all your favorite movies and TV shows to your computer then transfer them to your iPhone in a very easy manner. All titles available in HD, and DVD quality video and audio.

Our wide range of iPhone games available for download include Action, Trivia, Horoscopes and Jokes.

We have a vast selection of music available for download. Songs, full albums, not to mention other downloads like software, images, ebooks, and more!

You get all of this by taking out a lifetime membership for $49.95.

What You ACTUALLY Get!

Any attempt to browse what’s really on offer results in you being presented with the $49.95 sign up form. Now in principle, I don’t really have a problem with a service not disclosing the complete database of iPhone goodies available, but these guys do it for one reason only… they have f*ck all to give you!

Buried at the bottom of their sign up page is a dislaimer (they colour the text so you don’t notice it – twats!)

Disclaimer: This website is a database (ie: an index) to other websites that host downloads. This website does not facilitate in the download process in any way. This website is not affiliated with, nor has control over any of the websites it links to.

Bottom line? Instead of loads of iPhone downloads you just get a list of links to other sites that have downloads. The same sites can be found by doing a search on Google, and of which most also have fuck all to offer you either.

I’ve seen 4 or 5 variations of the same site. Fairly sure it’s the same people. They also do versions for owners of the Sony PSP. They’re simply in the business of taking your cash. Bastards!