iPhone Casino Game with Real Money

Regular readers will know I'm a fan of iPhone Casino Games, but I've been limited to playing for virtual money with the likes of Aces Texas Hold'em and Live Poker. Great casino games for the iPhone, but "Show me the REAL money".

Well it seems all that's about to change with the announcement from Brightshare that they're about launch 4 instant access, real money casino games for the iPhone (and iPod Touch).

iPhone Casino Games

These are web based iPhone casino games that use the Safari browser and internet connection. There's nothing to download, no installation and no jailbreaking.

The official launch date is a little vague. I'm told that they'll be going live mid-December 2008, and I have no idea what countries these will work in.

One thing I do know from experience is that Brightshare is fully regulated and compliant with gamblling regulation. So my money's safe… well right up until I think I have that killer hand.

More details will be made available on www.puntmobile.com, specifically in the iPhone Casino Games section of the site.

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