Okay, I finally bit the bullet and grabbed an iPod Touch from Comet in Great Yarmouth. They had 3 of 16GB iPod Touch in stock at the RRP of £269. The little beauty is synching with my iTunes as I type.

I didn’t expect to get any kind of deal, and their offer of ‘half price iTunes gift cards with any iPod purchase’ magically expired as soon as they actually got the new iPod range in stock. Go figure!

Anyway, forget that. This is a bit long winded, but Comet stores are currently running a promotion that gives you a £20 gift card with any purchase over £200. Shweet! The card can only be used on purchases over £50 between Nov 7th and December 21st 2007. So at the very least you could run in and grab x2 £25 iTunes gift cards and get £20 off.

My wife was with me, so she nabbed the card telling me that our kettle is in need of an upgrade. Dagnabbit!

So that’s how you save £20 at Comet.

Note! The 8GB iPod Touch is only £199.99, so you’ll need to buy something else to get your total bill over £200. I guess a pack of AA batteries is your best best, you’ll always find a use for them right?

This is an in-store offer only. No mention of it at www.comet.co.uk, and check the offer is still available before you get to the till. The store staff couldn’t tell me when they planned to stop giving the gift cards out.

And finally… they’ll try and nail you with their bullshit extended warranty for £60. £60! All together now… "f*ck off!, you think I’m an idiot?"