I mentioned that I really like the new home screen features that comes with the new software package available for the iPod Touch. You can now have up to 8 home screens on your iPod Touch.

One new feature of the home screens is that you can add webclips. These webclips are shortcuts to web sites or web applications that are placed on your home screens.

Wanna see it in action? Check this out…

Go to https://www.doipod.com using the safari Browser on your iPod Touch. Once the page has loaded, click the + icon at the bottom of the Safari Browser and select ‘Add to Home Screen’. Click okay. This installs a swanky icon to the home screen. One touch access!

You’ll note that a really cool doipod icon has been added to the home screen. I made it myself.

Also, with the new iPod Touch software package you can rearranmge the icons on the home screens.  Press and hold any of the icons on the home screen until it shudders on screen (no shit! it shudders!). Now drag it to a new position on the screen. When you’re done moving the icons around, simply use the main button on your iPod Touch to save the layout. Neat huh?

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