Free ipod video converterThe latest generation of video iPods allow you to purchase and watch TV shows (and movies in the USA) from the iTunes store, but what about converting video files from your computer which are saved in formats that iPods do not support.

Take a trip over to This free utility will only work for Windows users. Just download the Videora iPod converter and once installed you are confronted with a very simple interface that allows you to convert any video file into an iPod friendly format that’s tailored to your specific iPod model, including auto resize of video to the best possible resolution and aspect ratio.

Just click on the straightforward wizard and follow the step-by-step instructions for file conversion. Once converted, you simply import the new video file in to iTunes.

The Videora software is freeware that means you can download and use it free of charge, but you’re encouraged to make a donation via the Videora site.

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