[Update: There’s a brilliant Facebook App for iPhone and iPod Touch now available in the The iTunes Apps Store.]

il I’ve been checking out Brandon Eley’s list of top 10 optimised sites for the iPhone. 99% of iPhone web apps and games work on the iPod Touch (via a Wi-Fi connection). If you’re a Face Book user you should definitely check out the iPhone / iPod Touch version at http://iphone.facebook.com – It’s designed incredibly well.

Navigation on the Face Book for iPhone is very well thoughout with just 4 main tabs including Home, Profile, Friend and Inbox. Each of the these main tabs have a number of sub tabs to aid navigation.

Any regular Face Book user will know of all the utter shit that makes it on to your regular Face Book page. So much spam and fodder mixed in with the useful stuff. The iPod Touch version filters out the shite making it very nearly everything I want from Face Book.

Check out http://iphone.facebook.com.

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