(UPDATE 7th Mar 2008: BBC iPlayer for iPhone and iPod Touch RELEASED)

worldofapple.com, a fave site of mine, is reporting that the BBC are contemplating making their iPlayer service available for the iPod Touch and iPhone.

Numerous sources are reporting on a BBC announcement about its iPlayer service. Amongst the announcement is a mention that the BBC will be bringing the iPlayer to the iPhone and iPod touch in “the next few weeks.”

The BBC’s iPlayer enables you to watch reecnt BBC TV shows on your computer. The service is FREE OF CHARGE. I have to tell you that I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they pull it off.

Read the full story on World of Apple

It does however seem to conflict with the BBC’s commercial department’s decision to sell popular TV shows such as Little Britain, Robin Hood, Torchwood, Life on Mars, The Mighty Boosh and Ashes to Ashes on iTunes. Go figure.