Author: Fox Tucker

Podcasts: Let Your iPod & MP3 Player Guide You

No more wandering around, trying to keep up with the person waving the umbrella in the air. Now you can carry your own tour guide in your pocket! More than 100 city locations worldwide.
Download your own personal audio tour guide to your iPod or MP3 player and take yourself on an informative guided tour of historic sites around the world. Look as you listen. Walk freely while on vacation and learn at your own pace.

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At last! I’m Sharing Music iPod to iPod, with No Restrictions.

It used to be impossible to move all of your music from your iPod back to your PC, but now I can sync my music between home, office, desktop and laptop. I can hook up ANY iPod to my PC and access it like it was my own. I can copy music, video or anything else to my PC from any iPod, thanks to a nifty bit of software I’ve come across.

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Alert Me to Free iPod Offers!

It’s easy to give me the heads up on any free ipod relevant offers you come across. Your time and effort will be greatly appreciated by me and all the other Thumb Loungers… Simply use the ‘Have Your Say’...

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Tracking The Voice iTunes Chart

the voice chart