Shazam - Already my fave app on the iPhone App Store

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The Shazam App is already looking like my fave iPhone app from the iTunes App Store.

Whenever you hear a song being played on the radio, TV, film or in a store etc, you hold up your iPhone to the music. Within seconds it'll tell you the song tile and artist.

You can then buy the music directly via the Wireless iTunes Store or watch related videos on youtube. Simply brilliant!

UPDATED 12th July: Bummer! The Wireless iTunes Store doesn't work over 3G. This makes the 'buy now' feature of Shazam useless while your 'out and about'. Shazam will remember all of your discoveries, so you can buy them when you get back to a wi-fi connection at home or office etc, but it certainly knocks my rating Shazam iPhone app.

Check it out here (requires iTunes 7.7)

I've had a good play around with it and it really works! I used while watching MTV, then I used in with my radio and I even tried it out when I was grabbing coffee in McDonalds earlier today. That's 3 for 3.

It currently available free, but there is the disclaimer on the itunes store...

"Please note: This version of the Shazam application is free to download and use. Available for free for a limited period".

So I've yet discover if they're planning to charge for later versions, or when they upgrade this, or if there'll be a monthly fee. For other mobile phones here in the UK, they're charging £2 per month to use the service.

Now, I'm guessing that they're using affiliate links for any purchases that they refer to iTunes. At present there is no public afifliate program for Wireless Store sales, but I suspect that they're getting some kind of kick back from Apple for increasing song sales.

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