iPod Touch launch in UK a real shambles

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It's a fucking joke. I've been sat with my £269 ready to go for over a week, and I'm unlikely to get my hands on an iPod Touch this weekend, a full 7 days after the official launch and shipping date. I've just made my usual round of phone calls to my local retailers and/or checked the stock availability on their web sites, but the outlook is grim.

Seems that closest I'll get to buying one is online at Comet. They'll have it here on Wednesday. None of their shops have them in stock though, and I want the pleasure of walking in to a shop and handing over the cash.

So here's how it's worked out today. Tesco online and the huge Tesco Extra in Great Yarmouth don't have them, you'd think that with a few hundred trucks making deliveries throughout the night, that one of them would have an iPod Touch in back.

Argos don't have them, but they'll take your cash without committing to an actual delivery date. These bastards in Great Yarmouth have massive POS shouting "New iPod Range in Stock" hanging in the window. False advertising, tossers!

Curry's will take your money online, but don't actually have them in stock. The store manager in Great Yarmouth is pleasant enough, but really, really vague on delivery dates. Not too bright when it comes to answering why he has the huge "New iPod Range in Stock" POS in the window.

John Lewis in Norwich will tell you to "Check their web site. When you see it in stock online, it'll be about a week before they get it in the store".

I tried the 3 smaller 'Apple Authorised' retailers in a 40 mile radius of my home, best answer I got was 2 weeks.

So, as a consumer I'm pretty fucking pissed off, as an advocate of 'most' things iPod via thing blog I'm embarrassed. How can I sit here, blogging that iPod rocks, when I can't get my fucking hands on one. Wankers!

Update: MacWareHouse has 200 16GB iPod Touch in stock (Friday 19th October).

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Reader Comments

i know exactly how you feel, on the 28th the only website i was able to find the touch was Argos, it said they had it in stock with free next day delivery.
So stupidly i payed got a nice email saying it would be delivered on 2nd october, so the 2nd came and went and no ipod, it got till the 5th before i got a letter saying they didnt infact have any, and i wouldnt get my delivery untill the 12th!!! yet you can still go to argos website and it still states they have it in stock, not a happy bunny!


I have fallen into the same trap as you guys and also ordered my iPod Touch from Argos thinking that it was in stock, I happily paid and requested next day delivery only to not receive it. I then received a letter saying that someone would phone to confirm delievery once it was avalible but no-one phoned so after numerous phone calls all ive discovered is that it isnt in stock because it isnt in their warehouses and that I will definitely receive it on Friday 12th because Thursday 11th is the last day of apple's 'three week release window' but ive lost faith in it now. I suppose ive just got to wait and see


Ive got a better one. I was told my ipod was actually on the delivery van.

3 times I've been given delivery dates by argos staff, when they know full well that there's none in stock.

Now been told it's the 12th to the 14th october. Getting a letter saying sorry and some vouchers from argos.... not arrived yet!!!


Update: Ok so the 12th came (my second promised delivery date from argos), and still no ipod!

I called their customer care, and was read out a script, the guy was basicaly telling me that apple had not released any ipods in the Uk exept for their store in London!
Total Bollox i replied as i had previously phoned the store in Glasgow who had them in stock and also have friends who have them.

Asked for my money back and was told thet would be 10 days, they basicaly dont know when there going to have them in stock, im really not happy!!!

James says:

I'm in the same boat. I initially ordered an iPod Touch from Comet online.

Then when it failed to show on the specified delivery date I called them, only to discover that their warehouse was still awaiting stock. I asked if it would be quicker to have one reserved at the shop and was told that yes, this was the best option.

I then asked to cancel my previous order and proceeded to go to my nearest Comet store. According to the person on the phone, the warehouse was expecting a delivery on Friday and they should be in stores by 'the start of next week' (ie. tomorrow one would assume!).

In-store staff could not give me an estimate as to when it might arrive, but according to the woman on the phone I was the only person who has reserved one at this store and so consequentially should be first in line when they themselves receive them.

In the meantime I checked Comet online only to discover that they haven't cancelled my order (although kindly, they have taken the money from my account) and it is pending...

I should receive it back in the next few days apparently. Anyway I shall be ringing Comet (yet again) to see what's what tomorrow!


phil says:

It is a joke. I was promised an ipod about 3 weeks ago, with 2 day delivery, that didn't happen. I rang them up, and was promised an ipod again in 2days. Then a letter arrived saying that they it WOULD be with me before the 12th. Then on the 12th they rang saying that will be delievered on the 15th. Again another phone call saying that i wont b recieving it on the 15th. Ive been promised again that i will get it the week, i really doubt it. This is actually taking the mick now, as they haven't been truthful from the start and have no idea what they are doing.


UPDATE: It's the 15th and surprise surprise Argos has failed again. This is the 4th time I've been given a delivery date by argos staff. How can any company allow their staff to give out information to people based on guess work? I will never deal with argos again....!


A warning to anyone who is considering ordering a touch from Argos, please don't!

I see that a lot of people are having problems with their so called delivery dates. I was told that mine was in transit and it would definitely be here today.

Argos phoned me up and said that they never even had any stock in. Then we phoned back up and got a different story. This time the vans that where carrying the ipods have been stolen.

How do the vans that are carrying them get stolen if they have no stock? I think Argos are telling everyone lies to try and stop them from cancelling their orders.

I can't even get my money back because all they can give me is there crappy vouchers. I paid in cash so now they are just keeping my money from me and not supplying the goods. Never order anything from argos.

Ash says:

I tell yer, i was promised 15th October, got fuck all, Wow im utterly pissed, thank god for this rant page. Im ringing tommorow and im going to make them hang up for the abuse im going to hurl at them ;-)

dos_box says:

I'm trying to keep calm as I write this.

Oct 2nd I order an iPod Touch from the Argos web site. It is both listed as being in stock and deliverable within 3 days, so I order it and they take the money.

The delivery date was the morning of the 5th. I take the morning off on the 5th so as to ensure I don't miss the delivery man. All that arrives however is a letter from Argos stating that 'Sorry, whilst we said we had them in stock we actually didn't and it will be with you by the 12th...Promise'

The 12th comes and a phone call from Argos tells me that it will arrive between 7am and 1pm on the 15th guaranteed.

Yesterday they phone again telling me that they are going to phone again with a new delivery date as they still don't have any!!!


What a total shambles. I don't think I shall order anything from Argos again. What is the point of having a computerised ordering system which does not tie in with the stock?

URL: http://www.edugeek.net
dos_box says:

Just as an update. I cancelled my order to be told that the delay was down to Apple insisting that Argos has a 'special' licence to deliver the items as they are so fragile. What total and utter rubbish. I paid for an item they never had, and possibly (at this rate at least) never will have. It's going to take a few days for my money to get back into my bank account now :(

URL: http://www.edugeek.net

Hey guys,
finally bit the bullet and phoned the apple store in glasgow to see if they had any stock.
By luck they had just got them in, so ive now got my
hands on a ipod touch...wow

Will take great delight in cancelling my argos order.

The touch lives up to all the hype and more....fantastic.

Good luck guys with your orders..


Another update: Ok so i rang up on the 15th ready to cancel my order, spoke to this girl who told me it was on the van and ready to be delivered that day.

Guess what? it didn’t arrive, got a voicemail from Argos apologising and gave me my 5th delivery date! which is for tomorrow the 19th!

There is now a running bet at my work if i will indeed receive it, the odds arnt great, if its not here tomorrow im cancelling!

Oh ive reported them to watchdog i suggest you all do the same here’s the url...

Hi guys

Im with you on this had the same problem with argos - got the delivery date , they took my money and guess what it didnt come - I had to wait two weeks. Its so annoying!



Last update: Well i phoned today to cancel my order with Argos, i spoke to a woman, who i must say didn’t really seem quite with it!

I thought i'd ask one last time when my touch would be delivered.

"It will be with you on the 2nd of October Mr Yule" said the woman lol.

"Oh will it really" i said (very sarcastic).

"yes" came the reply.

She was about to say “anything else i can help you with” when i asked her today’s date, its the 25th of October she replied, i sat in silence waiting for her to click, 5 or so seconds later she clicked! "oh that’s strange she said" lol

By this time i was getting mad, she said she didn’t have another delivery date, and said she would transfer me to someone who would, so i ended up being transferred to the kitchen appliance department! I was apologised to then transferred back to someone else and when i asked to speak to a manager i was hung up on!

Ok this really really got me angry i hate Argos enough! so called back spoke to a manager, who told me it should be with me today! i didn’t believe him and wanted my money back, he promised it would be delivered, and you know what? it actually was!

Thats right! it came about an hour ago!!! its only taken Argos 25 days!

Oh and they sent me a £10 voucher for my troubles! i am not going to let this matter lie and shall be taking this further with them as they can't treat people like this!

As for my ipod, its amazing, so shiny!!!


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